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Why should you join Unique IAS ?

  • Highest selections in IAS and MPPSC Exam in Central India (total 322 selections for administrative posts).
  • 18 final selections in IAS exam and 40-45 final selections in State civil services Exam in 2016.
  • All India 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th, 51th, 91st and 99th Rank in IAS exam.5 times 1st Rank in MP and CG in State civil services.
  • For IAS exam comprehensive specialized modules of all the chapters are provided to the students. “the modules provided in Unique IAS are updated , upgraded ,very helpful for civil services aspirants.——- Miss Gargi Chouhan (AIR- 417, A regular student of Unique IAS).
  • Guidance of Gaurav Marwaha sir with 25 years of teaching experience (including in Delhi) who was selected for class 1 equivalent rank by govt. of India.

Why there is no need to go to Delhi ?

  • Now, the same quality is available at reasonable cost in Bhopal.
  • Those candidates who have joined Unique IAS need not to join the same subject in Delhi .e.g. According to (Sh.Tarun Pithode (AIR – 7th a regular student of Unique IAS)…. “I was the regular student of unique IAS… I did not attend any other coaching in Delhi for general studies .I am personally thankful to Gaurav Marwaha sir”.
  • According to National crime record bureau (NCRB) Delhi is one of the most unsafe city for youth specially for girls (Don’t forget the Delhi gang rape case of 16th Dec. 2012). According to Times of India Delhi might’s be undisputed crime capital of India .Can you afford to send your teenage wards to such unsafe destination.
  • Now coachings of Delhi are over commercialized . There is excessive 
    students teacher ratio say 400:1 per batch .It is very difficult for students to catch up with the content of the syllabus. where as in Unique IAS sizes of class rooms are reasonable 30:1. Personalized care is taken for each and every students.

Why to start preparation after 12th ?

  • The preparations of IAS exam takes a long gestation period of 2 to 3 years. If your ward start preparations after 12th by the time he/she graduates he can finish up with GS , CSAT, and one optional .So after graduation the chances of selection in first attempt are maximum.
  • Most of the IAS toppers start their preparations after 12th .Take the case of IAS topper Shri Tarun Kumar Pithode who was a Student of Manit (Bhopal). He joined Unique IAS and finished his preparation by the time he had completed graduation.

Class room guidance

  • Class room Guidance —> The class room guidance consist of periods as shown in the separate planner. The candidates will be intimated a day in advance the theme and the topic for next day’s lecture so that they can have advance reading and come prepared with their difficulties and thereby develop a higher degree of critical and intellectual curiosity and wider sweep on the subjects during the class room teaching.
  • Model Tests —> There will be a useful network of 10 model tests to gauge and boost the competitive profile of aspirants in each subject. In the end a grand test will be conducted. The name of the toppers will be displayed on the notice board and will be suitably rewarded.
  • Quiz Schedule —> During the entire course, quizzes, group discussions and expert guidance by selected candidates will be organized to check and enhance the knowledge for the preparation of individuals for the coming exams.
  • Educational Tours —> Some Educational Tours may be arranged for each batch to the sights of historical and cultural interest of learning like sites such as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalya, Bharat Bhawan, Archeological and Birla Museums, Sanchi, Udaigiri (vidisha), Bhojpur, Bhimbhetka etc. The decision of joining the study tour will be strictly a matter of students will and responsibility.
  • Rewards —> Rewards will be awarded to candidate securing positions in class tests and grand tests for encouragement and infusing competitive spirits.
  • Fee Structure —> The fee for the full course to be paid in advance will be according to the schedule in the given planner for each subject. Fee will be non refundable. Extra fee will be charged for extra time. Discounts may be given to S.C., S.T., and girl candidates belonging to poor family.
  • Enrolment Procedure —> The enrolment seekers to the study circle must be first divisioner (or at least good second divisioner in special cases) throughout their academic career. Enrolment will be on first come first served basis. In regard of admission / timings / fee structure decision of MD will be final.