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About The Director

Gaurav Marwaha (B.E.) is the director of Unique IAS study Circle. He had graduate from jabalpur govt. Engineering College while in engineering he was selected by Indian Navy as Commissioned Class I officer but he couldn’t join because of family considerations, since 1990,under his guidance students have secured 1st position in India in IES, 003rd,007th, 023rd, 035th, 51th, 91st ,99th, 113th, 117th, 123rd, 128th,141st,148th, 164th, 184th, 194th,197th, 219th 236th, 244th ,252th, 294th, 299th, 327th, 380th 393th, 395th,404th 417th,425th, 430th, 432th, 484th,455th, 475th, 521st, 529th, 558th,563th, 571th 587th, 592th,625th, 643th, 645th, 679th, 676th, 686th, 720th, 729th 745th, 762, 771th , 774th,823th, 824th, 845th, 862th,867th , 876th,897th 921th, 951th, 953th, 965th, 971st, 994, 1061th ,1172th. Position in India in IAS exams, a record 5 times 1st position in M.P & CG for Dy. Collector, Dy. SP, two times First Positon MP & CG for SI Exams.
The concept of career page is supposed to have been started Gaurav Marwaha in the state. Till now he has written approximately, more than 750 articles on career and personality development in various news papers of the country. He is the official paper setter of university level exams.

He used to be visiting faculty for PETC of govt. of M.P. for G.K. and optional. He has been invited by various institutions to deliver lecturers on career & personality development. All over India including Delhi, Lucknow & Allahabad are benefited by his guidance.